At Modern Family Dentistry, our dentistry team is dedicated to providing a strong foundation for great oral health. Dr. Moldoveanu and our professional staff are committed to ensuring our patients receive thorough care during their twice-yearly dental examinations and cleanings.

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The Dental Examination

A comprehensive dental exam and cleaning are recommended twice-yearly for children and adults. During your initial dental examination at Modern Family Dentistry, our staff will take any necessary X-rays and records to ensure the health of your gums, teeth, and jaw. X-rays are recommended annually.

During a twice-yearly check-up, patients receive a thorough examination of their teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, and neck. Dr. Moldoveanu will examine each tooth for cavities, plaque, or damage. An examination of your gums will detect if any gum disease is present . Your head, neck and jaw are examined to diagnose any possible issues with glands or joints, such as TMJ disorder.

Comprehensive Dental Cleaning

Along with the thorough examination and evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive cleaning. Professional cleanings are recommended twice a year to prevent cavities and identify any oral health issues as early as possible. A professional cleaning supplements the oral hygiene you maintain at home and includes scaling of the teeth, flossing, and a polish.

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