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Andrei Moldoveanu

I love him. He is extremely gentle and patient. He takes the time and talks to me and walks me through the issues I have. He is really good which means a lot to me as I have been to a lot of dentists. He is going to help me do my bridges soon. The office staff seems to work on my schedules and I have not had any issues at all to get an appointment which is very convenient for me. The office environment is extremely pleasant and he is always there when I go there. The staff is very friendly too. Robert Morris

My first visit to Dr. Moldoveanu’s office came after procrastinating about seeing a dentist for 5yrs. I was nervous and uneasy about what they would find wrong in my mouth. As I assumed, I needed quite a few fillings. Dr. Moldoveanu and his assistant Michelle Sipes explained the process and showed a print out of how we were going to attack the various problems. I was given multiple options; from length of time in the chair at one sitting to breaking the appointments up so that I wouldn’t have a whopper bill all at once. They have been super caring, accommodating and explanatory in all that they have done. I highly recommend them! Harold Salsbery