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Do you wish you had straighter teeth, but don’t want to experience old school metal braces? ClearCorrect® may just be the perfect option for getting those straight teeth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrei at Modern Family Dentistry to find out if you are a candidate for ClearCorrect®.

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Advanced Straightening Method

ClearCorrect® is a popular straightening method due to how comfortable, convenient, and invisible the whole process is for patients. Many of our Louisville patients were thrilled with the results that this type of procedure produced for them.

To begin, you will have a consultation with Dr. Andrei to determine what your teeth straightening goals are and to establish whether you are a candidate for this method. As part of the process to determine if you are a candidate, our staff will take x-rays and pictures, as well as take scans of your teeth for models. If you are established as a candidate for ClearCorrect®, these x-rays, pictures and scans will be utilized to create your exact treatment course which will show exact teeth movements throughout the process.

Clear, custom-made aligners will then be personally created to follow your treatment plan. You will be required to wear the aligners throughout the day, only removing them to eat, brush or floss. While the actual time frame may vary slightly, you will change your aligner trays to a new tray every two weeks. At Modern Family Dentistry, we will check your progress every 6 weeks or thereabouts. The length of the treatment time will vary by individual but Dr. Andrei will give you an estimated date of completion according to your progress and results.

Make a change to your smile today, call us at (502) 896-4532 to learn if ClearCorrect® is right for you.